You see a Sports field, we see a canvas!

Take advantage of our Patented technology that prints imagery on turf by gently using air.

The TurfPrinterTM technology provides so many opportunities. We would like to hear about your ideas!

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Use Case:

The Challenge:

The San Francisco Giants approached us with a unique proposition – Help us surprise and delight fans for Opening Day 2016 with a Giant-sized SF in centerfield.  Designed to coincide with the re-branding of their iconic SF logo, the Giants wanted to create an image for one day only, without damaging their turf and use a green technology that aligned with their mission statement.

The Project:

We worked with the highly skilled grounds crew at AT&T Park to create the first ever, machine controlled image on turf.  Our GPS system guided our first edition TurfPrinter on the field the night before opening day.  The process took a short time and we were ready for the fans to view the following day.


The Result?

Fans loved the once in a lifetime SF logo and we were featured on the outfield Diamond Vision as well as local radio on-air coverage. We think we hit a home run!

Who uses it?

Hire New Ground Technology

Further differentiate your company from the competition by adding the most impressive brand recognition in grand scale for millions of viewers to see. This all new marketing opportunity of printing graphics and logos on turf is a must for professional and collegiate sports venues to hospitality and event venues.

Marketing and Event Agencies

Create break-thru promotional campaigns for your clients using high-def imagery on professional and recreational turf worldwide – truly “native advertising” seen live by fans onsite, on network TV, online networks, and in social media.

Other Feature Events

From product launches to grand openings, from weddings to graduations and other big events in between, present your imagery on turf in locations as diverse and your local park and Central Park Contact us to learn more about our transformative outdoor media.